About the active SUP trip to Garda lake Italy

Italy is rated as one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries. And it's 100% true, we have checked!:) Italian people are more than welcoming, and the country itself actually has everything in one: gorgeous nature, seas, lakes, islands and many other fantastic paddleboarding spots, mountains and valleys full of flowers in spring and fruits in autumn, pretty little towns and amazing ancient architeicture, rich culture and social life, delicious cuisine and great shopping - everything to fall in love with the place forever! We invite you to join our trip and discover the country and all its beauty!

What to expect:

  • Beauty around you all the way from the first to the last day, new place every day, during our trip we will drive around Garda lake and stop at the most beautiful sites: hidden waterfalls, lakes, flower fields, churches and little towns!
  • Warm weather and fresh waters of Garda lake
  • Only relax and fun, as everything is organized: cozy and comfortable accommodation with breakfast, easy transportation with a van and elaborated active program for every day
  • 2 paddleboard cruises around Garda lake and one - in Venice!
  • One day - in Venice
  • One day bicycle tour through the Alpine valley
  • Visiting the one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Trentino region
  • Amazing photo from the trip
The program of paddleboard trip to Italy

Dates: 8-12 of September 2020 

Look at our schedule:

1st day (8 of September 2020)

The group is arriving to Milan in the early morning and heading to the first destination town with the comfortable van. We will have some time to relax after the flight, and after lunch we will go for paddleboard cruise along the old walls of Peschiera del Garda. We will see the town from the inside, paddle the clear waters of Garda, make a stop at a little island and finish just before the sunset. After that we will go to explore our little cozy town and get to know to each other more at the nice italian welcome dinner

2nd day (9 of September 2020)

We go to Venice - the most romantic destination. And now just imagine yourself paddling along its canals just like a gondolier! This is what this day promises you. We start the day from a nice walk around the city, following its endless narrow streets full of little secrets and history, and then just before the sunset we will go cruising Venice's canals on our paddleboards and singing italian songs;) what can be better experience in the city on the water? And for the sunset we will go up on one of the roof in the center of the city and have an amazing overview on the whole area around!

After saying goodbye to the sun, we will head to our next destination - to the North of the lake Garda! We will spend this night in the new hotel and wake up next day with completely different views and emotions!

3rd day (10 of September 2020)

This will be a fun day on the water! With our SUPs we are going to find a hidden watrefall which can only be reached by the water! We start from paddling along the old walls of our town and continue with one hour cruise along the gorgeous steep rocks which starts from the water and almost reach the sky! It is one of the most spectacular SUP trips of the tour! In the end of the route we will find a waterfall in the cave and an abandoned old hotel which is an amazing backgroud for a photo!

But wait, this is not the end of the day! After lunch we will head to an amazing cosy little town nearby and spend the evening there!

4th day  (11 of September 2020)

Today we will spend all the day on the road! But it will be great adventure of the tour: we will take bicycles and go for a ride in the heart of the Alpine mountains. The route is not the hardest one, good for not very experienced riders, and it lies just along the river in the valley. There will be gorgeous nature, birds, blossoming fields and overwhelming flower aroma! We will stop for a coffee at little italian cafe, watch ancient castles around, conquer some hills and celebrate the end of the route at a clear lake!

An amazing dinner on the coast will finalize this day and also the trip full of new experience and emotions! It's time to say goodbye to Garda lake

Last day (12 of September 2020)

The last day of the trip - we will drop you off at Milan airport, where we will take a flight and say goodbye but hope we will meet again soon)

Are you ready to join?

There are some more details!

The price and conditions of SUP trip to Garda lake Italy

The price of this amazing 5 days adventure is 1050 EUR. To book the trip we require 30% prepayment and the full payment should be done 14 days before the trip.

GOOD NEWS! You can book your trip with 100 EURO DISCOUNT:

For the trip in May - until 1 of March 2020 the price is 950 EUR.

For the trip in September - until 1 of July 2020 the price is 950 EUR.

What's included:

  • transport for the whole period of the trip (minivan), pick up and drop off in Milan
  • the accommodation for 4 nights in two different places: 1 day on the South of Garda lake and 3 days on the North of the lake. Double rooms with twin or double beds are available, private bathroom in each room.
  • delicious italian breakfast every day
  • 3 SUP tours: 2 tours on the Garda lake and one - in Venice
  • SUP classes for beginners, professional instructor support in every SUP tour
  • one day bicycle tour in Alpine valley
  • all the equipment for bicycle and SUP tours
  • photo from the trip

We care about your comfort and choose lovely accommodation that you would enjoy to stay during the trip! Below you can see some pictures of the hotel on the south of Garda Lake where we will be staying for the first part of the trip (2 stars):

And here are some pictures from the hotel on the North of the lake (3 stars):

What is not included:

  • visa Shengen (if needed)
  • insurance
  • flight to and from Milan
  • lunches and dinners
  • souvenirs and personal items

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